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We believe in raising the standards of the local Gatwick, property market by providing high-quality HMOs in Crawley which people love to live in, backed by a high-quality management service which, combined, provides highly profitable financial returns.

We believe in creating beautiful homes which think about the way people actually live and incorporate this into the design. We make people’s lives easier by anticipating the issues that may come from living in a shared house and addressing them at the point of design. The fact that their needs are thought of and our HMOs are purpose built mean our tenants love living in their home.

We believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. It is always possible to make a profit ethically by providing a service that people truly value and are happy to pay for. We believe everyone can win.



We look at how people live and build in features into the infrastructure of our HMOs in Crawley that facilitate living habits. Some of the features we incorporate is to provide as many bathroom facilities as possible into a property; build in sound insulation into all the walls so as to minimise sound from housemates and neighbours; install CAT 6 cables into every bedroom and workspaces so that tenants can access faster, more reliable internet connection. All these, and more, mean tenants can plan their days and routines around themselves, in their own space, whilst at the same time enjoying the company and social benefits of living in a house share.

A further way that we think differently to others is that we provide a reliable and easy to use lettings service to manage the house. We incorporate technology into all aspects of the business meaning that we can communicate easier, process information quicker and solve issues faster. For tenants this means the stress of moving home and living in our HMOs is minimised and they are happy to stay in our houses for longer.

So, from an investment point of view, why are we so keen on facilitating our tenants’ lives? As an investment, happier tenants who love their home and the service we deliver, provide investors with higher returns through lower voids and higher room rates.


A home should be a sanctuary. It’s a place to sleep and laugh and cry and love and sing and eat and everyone needs one. We challenge the status quo by focusing on the people which in turn means the numbers take care of themselves.


If you share the same ethos as us, we can offer fantastic investment packages.

  • Is your money sat in a bank not doing very much?

  • Would you like a better return?

  • Would you like to be paid interest every month?

  • Would you like to invest in property but don’t know how?

We offer a competitive fixed return on every investment. During the loan term you will receive regular company updates and, if you wish, you can visit a project. When the term comes to an end you can withdraw your funds or reinvest for a further term, as many times as you like.

If you share our belief that our principles of investing can provide a social benefit to people whilst providing a healthy financial benefit to you, then we would love to chat as to how we can work together.




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Silkin Walk

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Shinwell Walk

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Chichester Close


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Stratchey Court

Meet the directors

Alicia and Oli are passionate investors who are specialists in high-end HMOs in Crawley. They have been investing in the Crawley, Gatwick property market since 2013. Their current portfolio is worth over £1. million consisting of single lets and multi-lets (HMOs), for the professional market.

Alicia has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Business Studies with Spanish Degree: whilst Oli has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Business Studies Degree.

Over the years, they've undertaken a variety of projects including refurbishing distressed properties, large conversions and even the refurbishment of two gyms. They have also gained experience in a variety of areas including sourcing properties, planning, executing various HMO strategies, joint venture agreements and an exchange with delayed completion project.

They are also both the co-founders and directors of VCC Homes Ltd. VCC Homes is an independent HMO specialist letting agency, managing mostly HMOs in Crawley. To find out more about VCC Homes, please click here.

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